www.humanservices.gov.au – An important website to visit

NEW MIGRANTS, refugees and visitors can find a range of services and support programs at this website – www.humanservices.gov.au.

The website also incorporates the services of two important agencies, the Centrelink and the Medicare.

You can find important date related on how to enroll in the Centrelink and check if you are qualified to receive some form of payment or welfare assistance.

Medicare services are also available to all new Citizens and Permanent Residents. If You are new in Australia, visit a Medicare office near you or check on the website mentioned above.

Asian skilled migrants, tourists and students needed: Bowen

'Asian skilled migrants, tourists and students needed...'
'Asian skilled migrants, tourists and students needed...'

“Even with the government’s unprecedented investment in tertiary education and up-skilling Australians, we need migrants who bring their specialist skills to Australia,” the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP, said yesterday on the release of the government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper.

Mr Bowen said that Australia has to capitalise on Asia’s highly skilled population “to create an educated, productive work force to bolster our economy in the future”.