23 million people in Australia

Did you know that Australia’s overall population increases by one person every 1 minute and 23 seconds?

This calculation is based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) metrics with the following assumptions:

* birth every 1 minute and 44 seconds,
* one death every 3 minutes and 32 seconds,
* a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

As at 24 April 2013 1:09:58 AM, the ABS population clock projected Australia’s resident population at 23,000,139.

In a related publication, the ABS has projected that “Australia’s estimated resident population (ERP) at 30 June 2007 of 21.0 million people is projected to increase to between 30.9 and 42.5 million people by 2056, and to between 33.7 and 62.2 million people by 2101.”

Census stories and more

Australia Day at Hyde Park [Rzc]
Australia Day at Hyde Park [Rzc]
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday its two latest articles with highlights of the 2011 Census in its series, “Reflecting a Nation: Stories from the 2011 Census.”

The latest articles are Year 12 Achievement and Continuing Education, and Where and how do Australia’s Older People live?

The eight earlier articles include Western Australia – Outback: A Population Overview, Still on the Move, Who are Australia’s Older People?, Counting Resident and Non-resident Populations in the Census, Same-sex Couple Famiies, Cultural Diversity in Australia, 100 years of Australian Lives – Population, and Census history.

The article, “Cultural Diversity in Australia“, is an interesting read. It gives the reader information on top sources of Australian migration, languages most spoken at home, and other noteworthy statistics.

New report on migration and multiculturalism in Australia

Australia is a vibrant multicultural society according to the findings of the Migration Committee report tabled in the Parliament today (March 18). The report received bi-partisan support and made 32 recommendations after receiving over 500 submissions and holding 27 public hearings over a two year period.

The report found that Australian multiculturalism is a success story, and stands as a good example to the world on how to build a cohesive society.

Member for Parliament Maria Vamvakinou
Member for Parliament Maria Vamvakinou

Chair of the Migration Committee Maria Vamvakinou said: “immigration and settlement in Australia has always been a nation building exercise. The committee believes that access to Australian citizenship has been at the heart of the success and cohesion of Australian society. Settlement is a long term and intergenerational process, and we need a whole of government approach and better coordination between all three tiers of Australian government”.

The committee’s recommendations include: rebuilding Australia’s research capacity in this field, especially in qualitative research; factoring cultural and linguistic diversity into the Government’s Social Inclusion Agenda, greater flexibility in English language training and support for micro enterprises, especially for women. The Committee found Job Services Australia needs to improve its delivery of services to people of diverse backgrounds, including refugees.

Deputy Chair Louise Markus said the committee welcomed meeting people at the grass roots where business and local communities were collaborating to improve relationships, and build skills and opportunities for people from different backgrounds.

“In Dandenong, the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance is bringing employers and young refugees together; the National Australia Bank’s African Inclusion Program is exemplary; and social enterprises, like The Studio, are inspirational. These initiatives deserve special mention and prove that cooperation, cross-cultural awareness, and commitment provide tangible results,” Mrs Markus said.

Mrs Markus said there was “no doubt that immigration has enriched the social, economic and cultural life of our country”.

Ms Vamvakinou said every society is dynamic and open to the influences of globalisation, wars, and economic crises. We are a resilient society and well placed to meet these challenges.

Source: APH

Migration Agents

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